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Phil Pustejovsky

Husband to my incredible wife Monica, father to two precious children, Alexa and Blake and a Bible believing Christian, I live a very blessed life. My hobbies include stand up paddleboard surfing and fishing, reading and studying great people (see some of those people to the right). Life is complicated enough so I try to keep it simple. I'm usually in bed by 9:30PM (nothing much good happens after 10 anyways), up at 5AM (early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise). I eat mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I'm basically a Vegan, although I do eat some types of fish. My favorite non-Biblical quote is...

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. -- Henry David Thoreau
I don't watch the local or national news, which drives some friends and family nuts because I rarely have any idea of top stories making headlines unless someone tells me about them (although I do stay up to the minute on real estate related news and changes). I love college football, my favorite team is the Vanderbilt Commodores. Go Dores! I was born in Texas, raised in Massachusetts, moved to Nashville for college and stayed there for many years before moving to my present paradise, on the beach in Florida. My life wasn't always so wonderful though. I went through some bad times (self imposed, by the way), but the good Lord picked me up, dusted me off and led me on a journey that would change my life and the lives of countless others. I've been told by advisers that I have a very powerful life story and that I should share it with the world. So upon their suggestions, here is the story of how I ended up where I am at today...[Read More]

Family Photos

Paddle Boarding with the Kids

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  • Matthew Beavers says:

    I am very interested in the apprentice program. I am curious how to get started?

  • Tyler says:

    Hi Phil,

    I’m a recent 24 year old UCF college grad with a Master’s in Exercise Physiology however, I’m becoming increasingly interested in making money from real world investments rather than slaving away in academia as a professor/researcher. You seem well versed in real estate language and legal contract, although you state that your original plan of study was in engineering.

    Can you provide insights as to the most valuable first steps and positions that you put yourself in, in order to learn the inner workings of contracts and specifics of residential real estate?



  • Joseph Scudieri says:

    Hello Mr Pustejovsky, I first wanted to say that I’m very impressed with your teaching and your techniques. I watched a lecture you did at a school and I was very inspired! Secondly I wanted to give a quick background on myself. I am married and have two kids of my own-both boys, and have been working as an E.M.T. for over seven years now. My goal was to become a Firefighter, but after many bad choices and due to the fact that its a very competitve field, it never materialized and now were in a very bad financial nightmare-like many Americans. I’m reaching out to you because I really don’t know where else to turn. After seeing your video I started writing down For Sale signs to try to find “sellers in desperate situations”, but havn’t had any luck yet (I know it’s a very small percentage of sellers out there). One thing that wasn’t mentioned however was what If I am successful in finding a seller in such a situation and I was able to say get a subject-to where I take over payments. While somebody is renting house what happens if theres things needing repairs etc… As owner I would be responsible, but have no money. So in essence cash is potentially needed, right? Anyways I look forward to hearing from you, perhaps with some pointers as to how to make some cash quicker. It’s been so tough not being able to buy my boys toys and take my family out to eat or on vacation, I’m just tired of them suffering for my mistakes and bad decisions. I would appreciate some advice, thanks for your time

  • Hank Doss says:

    Want to know more about how to get started with your mentor program.

  • Kenneth Johnson says:

    Hey phil, just wanted to let you know that I am really wanting to get into real estate investing but I don’t know anything about it and lack knowledge. I know this is for me and I know that your the one that can help with everything that I have read, thx!

  • Randall Logsdon says:

    Where does the apprintceship program take place ?

  • Dakoda MacPherson says:

    Hello phil my name is Dakoda. Im so interested in real estate investing, i know that im 16, but i would really love for somone to explain and answer questions that i have about this amazing opportunity. I know most 16 year olds dont think about this subject,  but i understand that im fresh and i know i have the ability to learn new skills in real- estate. I have been watching your videos on YouTube your great! I really hope you get this, i honestly am striving to know more. Thank you :)

    Sincerely: Dakoda MacPherson

  • Denise Mako says:


    I have been stuck for the past 36 hours watching all your videos and reading most of the book on line and I must say I am very impressed with all that you have shared. I have been studying on and off for the past year the book sent out no money down by Carleton Sheets. And have put it down and picked it up. And I must say, I have dreamed of doing this investing since my children have grown and up till last year I was very happy thought I was settled in life had a strong marriage, (so I thought) until I came home from work one night found all my things on the front lawn and no place to go. I had been with my husband for his entire military career and then some 35 years total. All the sudden I have nothing, and when I say nothing I mean nothing. 2013 had not been good for me. I lost a granddaughter, a marriage, was robbed of my last possessions (my wedding bands and jewelry) and then in December lost my job.

    Since then I have been living back with my mother wondering were my life will take me, I decided my life is just that. My life, and I need to take control again, I have always been a very strong positive person determined to be all I can be. So I know since watching your videos and reading most of your books I have always had the positive energy I need and the will power to succeed I just do not have financial backing. However something just fell into my lap last night and it is all of the sudden and I haven’t quite finished studying but I have a friend willing to purchase a 2bd/2 ba house who has 30,000 to put down as a down payment on a close to beach property I want to know the best step to start with to try and make some money here and get him the house of his dreams. I live in Alabama however I have already been researching foreclosures in Florida and do know of some 2 bd close to the beach but do not know my best route to take to start making some money.

  • Todd Jacobs says:

    Hi Phil,
    Todd Jacobs here, a part-time real estate investor and full time talent agent in Los Angeles originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL and attended UCF. I’ve been investing in single family properties in Dallas and Atlanta and have recently become interested in flipping houses as a way to accellerate the wealth building time table. I loved your video on wholesaling as a smarter way to do it. Keep up the good work. I’d love to connect some time.
    Best Regards,

  • Mitch Oberstein says:

    Hey Phil! Today I took the next best step for my life and career and applied for your apprenticeship program. I was fortunate enough to almost immediately receive a call and had a really nice talk and I truly hope that someday very soon I will be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to also speak with you or one of your associates about joining what I know will be a serious and supportive real estate investing team!

    Just wanted to get in touch in this forum to say thanks again so much for this potential opportunity. Glad you are out there providing your services.

    Take Care,


  • mike says:

    Hi Phil, I not yet ready to step into the water but people like you are a real ecouragement to dream and read toward the goal. thanks for being there for the Dreamers. God bless and keep on going. Mike

  • Oswaldo says:

    Good morning Phil,

    I just want to know if you any spanish speaker mentor in your team. I am living in Pasadena CA. I would like to learn about your mentor program.
    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Oswaldo Cardozo
    Cell: (626) 676-1417

  • Mark Turok says:


    I have watched a few of your videos: Secret to Flipping Houses and Determining Property Values the Right Way.

    I realize there is more to learn but I have a partner and we both want to progress further and flip properties to other contractor-investors. What courses do you recommend to get a better feeling on the ins and outs?. We are looking for some basic material to get us going here in San Diego. What are your thoughts?


    Mark Turok

  • Sakina Claytor says:

    Hi Phil I am really interested in flipping and investment properties in Honolulu. Got any ideas. I just bought your book. Do you do consulting…I am very nervous about it but I know there are opportunities.

  • Jim says:

    Hello Phil,
    I am not a real estate investor, nor did I ever intend to be an owner of rental properties. However, my wife and I have relocated twice because of work which led us to renting out both of our homes. One is set up as a lease with option (but we are not confident in our renters/buyers), and the other is currently on a month to month lease and listed with a realtor. My new career of the past 7 months is 100% commission which has made it impossible to get financing. I would like to make money on both properties, but really just want to get out from under each, while at the same time, find a way to purchase a new home (with little down payment) that meets our needs. Wondering if there is a creative solution that might work for our situation, and would love your feedback.


  • Brian Walker says:

    I have been watching a lot of your videos on YouTube and other sites. I have learned a lot..thank you very much for your time and effort to teach newbies like me.

    Thank you and God Bless,

  • Grace says:

    Hi Phil, I was curious and wanted to know the steps you take to get a property and how to get tenants.

  • Beatrix says:

    Dear Phil…i am a mature person. I own a townhouse (balance 50,711.20). Tried to buy a home using equity from the townhouse. Can’t get financed, need your help…thank you… Beatrix

  • Steve says:

    Please include me on your emailing list.

  • ofer says:

    Hey Phil,
    I follow your movies on YouTube and they are great,
    I live in Israel.
    You’re actually my mentor.
    I’d love to meet you.

  • Paul Bouchard says:

    Hello, Phil
    I’ve just finished watching your video, “Secret to Flipping Houses” in which explained in your example how to take a $60K purchase and sell to a contractor investor buyer for $70K for a $10K profit.
    Question: Won’t you incur interest costs on the $60K loan? A hard loan cost of 5% + 15% per annum on $60K for one month is $3750 (assuming it sells in one month). Therefore the profit in this example is $6250? Plus closing costs?


  • Doug says:

    Hi I’m 25 year old man and I’ve been looking to start my own house flipping business and came across your book on the internet. I have started reading it and don’t fully understand yet how you do what you do. I was curious on your advice in getting started. I was looking into buy cheap making repairs and selling for a profit and the more I read in your book I’m realizing it seems your turning houses in a completely different way. I will continue reading and would like some advice on taking my first step on my first deal

  • Milenko says:

    Hi Phil, I’ve been watching your videos about Real State which I start liking it, I work as a 50 hours full time employee, and I just got a house in Culpeper VA (146,000 US$) bought it in foreclosure (USDA, only the earnest money was 500.00, and seller will pay closing cost). Now I feel the huge responsibility to have mortgage payment for the fist time in my life.

    Like you said, it’s a blessing to have money coming in, even though, it’s not too much, I would really like to study Real State business on my day off (Wednesday and Sunday), working from 9am to 7:30 pm the rest of the days of the week. by the way, I won’t quit the job, I won’t blow up my 401 K neither… until I get to know how Real state business works …”very important that you teach us through the video”.

    Furthermore, I’m a Spanish person who I would really help people to get a house .. specially to Spanish people, I hope I get into this business, thanks a lot to let me watch your videos it is pretty interesting.

    Just in case, you might probably know any recommendable place to start studying Real State Busyness in VA ? any advise would be appreciated.

    Thank you so much for having the time to read this ..


  • Andrew Williams says:

    How can I get involved with you and your program you have a lot of good advice that is critical and what I need to succeed in this economy!


  • Sami Ahmadi says:

    Dear Phil Pustejovsky,

    I am really inspired by your story, and very eager about becoming a real estate investor. I have applied for the apprentice program, but I haven’t received any form of conformation or reply. I would be very grateful if you could get back to me.

    Kind Regards

    Sami Ahmadi