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Phil Pustejovsky

Husband to my incredible wife Monica, father to two precious children, Alexa and Blake and a Bible believing Christian, I live a very blessed life. My hobbies include stand up paddleboard surfing and fishing, reading and studying great people (see some of those people to the right). Life is complicated enough so I try to keep it simple. I'm usually in bed by 9:30PM (nothing much good happens after 10 anyways), up at 5AM (early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise). I eat mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I'm basically a Vegan, although I do eat some types of fish. My favorite non-Biblical quote is...

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. -- Henry David Thoreau
I don't watch the local or national news, which drives some friends and family nuts because I rarely have any idea of top stories making headlines unless someone tells me about them (although I do stay up to the minute on real estate related news and changes). I love college football, my favorite team is the Vanderbilt Commodores. Go Dores! I was born in Texas, raised in Massachusetts, moved to Nashville for college and stayed there for many years before moving to my present paradise, on the beach in Florida. My life wasn't always so wonderful though. I went through some bad times (self imposed, by the way), but the good Lord picked me up, dusted me off and led me on a journey that would change my life and the lives of countless others. I've been told by advisers that I have a very powerful life story and that I should share it with the world. So upon their suggestions, here is the story of how I ended up where I am at today...[Read More]

Family Photos

Paddle Boarding with the Kids

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  • Nick says:

    Hi Phil,
    I had a question regarding DTI and acquiring a new mortgage. If I already have a loan on my primary residence, how would I qualify for a new loan or take over someone’s loan subject to? If my DTI won’t allow it wouldn’t I get rejected?
    Also would the additional income I get from a purchasing a new business, or a residential property, cancel out the debt for my loan?

  • Johnny Lantz says:

    Hey Phil,

    I’ve been watching your videos and I have a question regarding properties in tax-default. It has to do with going to properties that are in tax-default but haven’t yet gone to the foreclosure process. I would love to pick your brain sometime.

  • Victor Estrada says:

    Hello Phil,

    I am considering in getting started in real state/ Flipping houses. I would like to use my VA Benefits and get started. Where or what would you recommend to go, or do first?


  • Tara says:

    Hi Phil! I am taking your free course. I am learning a lot. They are very helpful! I have some questions for you about a solo 401k. I am thinking to buy a rental property and let’s say, I would have $200 a month as cash flow from that..is that enough to open a solo 401k as a sole proprietorship? I was not sure when I saw your video and I kinda Googled about this…? I work as full time in a different area and would like to have some rental properties as the second income, I don’t have to have a LLC…but I think I could have a sole proprietorship with a liability insurance to protect myself and hopefully I could grow my retirement account to invest in real estate and have tax advantages thru the solo 401k.. Do you know how much Money I have to make a year as a sole proprietorship to be qualify to open the solo 401k? ( I have a Roth IRA that I can roll over to solo 401k if I can…). Please let me know what you think…
    Thank you!

  • mike says:

    thanks mr. pustejovsky, your name is a mouthful. lol have enjoyed your videos and this new website. thanks again for this new website and downloads. god bless. mike s.

  • Tim Yattaw says:

    Hello Phil.
    I’m 52 and have been in construction for two thirds of my life.
    No money hard working never take time off from work.
    I have a vacation coming and might not take it
    I wish there was a way for me to get involved with real estate
    With out having to pay upfront money.
    Please help in a direction that would get my foot in the door
    I know many people must ask for free help
    I’m not looking for free.
    I’m passionate and ambitious. And extremely hard working.
    Always doing for others and want to do something for me for once.
    Anything that could help to get started.
    Thanks Tim

  • Tara says:

    Hi Phil! I have some questions for you.
    1. Let’s say, If I buy a house and rent that out to somebody, then something goes wrong, that renter sue you…and that renter win that lawsuit against you..is it the true that the renter can take your personal assets such as your saving, house, car, 401k, etc.. So you better have own company like LLC, then own that rental house under your LLC company. That’s way, no one can take your personal assets ( Someone told me about this..) Some landlords who I know, they don’t have any LLC company….? I heard that you own some rental properties. How do you own them? Are there some ways that you can protect yourself from losing your personal assets if your renter sue you and they win that lawsuit against you without having own LLC?
    2. Have you had some deals in Sonoma county CA before? If you have..are you going to look for more deals in this area in the near future? If you have never had, have you thought about it?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Kelley A says:

    Hey Phil!
    I’m a casting director and wanted to speak to you about a tv show opportunity. If interested in learning more, give me a call or shoot me a email, thanks!

  • Mark says:

    Hi Phil,

    I am a Uni student in the UK and secured a placement with a firm that use a variety of creative ways to make money in the real estate industry. I was excited about this as I love business and never intended to end up in a boring office job especially one which includes pure selling. This was a chance to be mentored however, they have last minute decided to go against their word. I 100% know this is what I want to do so have researched reading books and watching videos online. I came across your YouTube videos and am very inspired. I feel I could start this on my own but it just seems overwhelming. Even after listening to yourself, I still am not sure where to start. Any advice you could give me at this stage would be strongly appreciated.

    Many thanks, mark.

  • Jason A. Morales says:

    Hey Phil , I just watched one of your YouTube videos and I know it probably isn’t really Phil who answers these posts. But I’m basically in the same predicament as you were before your first owner finance deal and I am in dire need of one. I’ve been asking myself who could and would be willing to help someone like me out, and I thought “why not the man himself?”. To me this is a long shot but a shot worth taking.. I live in Massachusetts and it would be wonderful to actually hear from you.

  • Kevin Prieto says:

    Hey Phil !! i have a few questions, i’ve been active on owner financing deals because im trying to increase my income im just getting held back cause im clueless on how taxes work when i acquire a home and lease the rooms out to tenants, how does it work ? And do i get tax advantages depending on a tax attorney ? or is it something i should learn on my own ? And my last question is are there any additional expenses other then taxes, insurance, and some cosmetic work ? Thanks Phil. You’re a good soul. :)

  • Golden says:

    Hello Phil.
    My name is golden & I’m 19 years old. For past year I been learning about real estate investing. Reading books & Watching your video’s on YouTube trying to improve because I’m not happy with my life. I’m very young but still I want to be very successful in life. I write many of my goals on the paper, one of them is to get MENTOR, I truly believe that every man has his journey in life, the most important thing is to have in journey is MENTOR. Someone who can guide to become great real estate investor, not okay or good but great real estate investor striving for greatness. I looking for coach go on experience flipping houses, investing in foreclosed homes & more.

    Thank you phil

  • Trevor Mathews says:

    Mr. Pustejovsky,
    My name is Trevor Mathews, a new wholesaler in Gainesville, FL. I currently have a house under contract, but have not been able to get a buyer to sign and closing is Friday. I know you are in Florida and I really love learning from you. I was wondering if you might have any buyers who would be interested so we could split the deal. I hope to hear back soon.
    God Bless!
    Trevor Mathews

  • David Buford says:

    Do you want to buy my house in Saint Cloud, FL? It’s free and clear I own it out right. Something unexpected happend and I need to get out FAST.

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Phil,

    My name is Amanda and I am a development associate for Storyville Entertainment, a New York City-based television company that produces award winning content for networks such as A&E, MTV, OXYGEN, MTV and more.

    We are currently working with a major TV network on casting for a potential reality-series about expert “house flippers” who would mentor new “house flippers” in the industry.

    I came across your youtube video “Biggest House Flipping Mistake”, and found it very interesting and charismatic. I would love to set up time for you to speak with myself, or a member of my team, to learn more.

    Let me know if you are available and I can help coordinate.