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The Phil Pustejovsky Story

Business Side of Phil Pustejovsky


Personal Side of Phil Pustejovsky

Phil Pustejovsky and Family

Husband to my incredible wife Monica, father to three precious children, Alexa, Blake and Caden and a Bible believing Christian, I live a very blessed life. My hobbies include stand up paddleboard surfing and fishing, reading and studying great people (see some of those people you will see below). Life is complicated enough so I try to keep it simple. I’m usually in bed by 9:30PM (nothing much good happens after 10 anyways), up at 5AM (early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise). I eat mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I’m basically a Vegan, although I do eat some types of fish. My favorite non-Biblical quote is…

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. — Henry David Thoreau

I don’t watch the local or national news, which drives some friends and family nuts because I rarely have any idea of top stories making headlines unless someone tells me about them (although I do stay up to the minute on real estate related news and changes). I love college football, my favorite team is the Vanderbilt Commodores. Go Dores! I was born in Texas, raised in Massachusetts, moved to Nashville for college and stayed there for many years before moving to my present paradise, on the beach in Florida. My life wasn’t always so wonderful though. I went through some bad times (self imposed, by the way), but the good Lord picked me up, dusted me off and led me on a journey that would change my life and the lives of countless others. I’ve been told by advisers that I have a very powerful life story and that I should share it with the world. So upon their suggestions, here is the story of how I ended up where I am at today…[Read More]

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

I study the lives of great people (for fun!) and a select few stand out above the crowd as having significantly impacted the person I am today. In no particular order, these are some of the extraordinary shoulders that I try to stand on:


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  1. Joe says

    Desperate for a chance,

    I am a hard worker, have been told I am intelligent (though I would never say so myself) and I can not support my family.

    I’m a ten year cancer survivor who’s education was interrupted all those years ago. I have spent the last two years being a stay at home care provider to my father-in-law on his death bed after a massive stroke. He passed in May. I make $8 an hour in a town with the best job offering $10/hr.

    Between and applying for small business loans, I have gotten energy/rental assistance for three months now and fear the upcoming winter months.

    I’m not looking to get rich over night but my son is almost 3 and I don’t want him struggling until it’s his turn in the work force.

    I don’t know what I’m asking for, maybe just some hope.

  2. Chris Heidlebaugh says

    Hi Phil!

    I have been following you on YouTube (love it!) and wanted to ask you an off topic question.

    Your last name is very unique, I too have a long last name and hard to spell for many.

    Your LinkedIn and other social media accounts use your last name.

    I am trying to build a platform myself to educate people about positive leadership in the workplace.

    But I worry that when your building a platform like a blog you need something easy to remember like Freedom Mentor, your amazing blog.

    So my question is:

    What was your thinking when naming your websites and profiles etc? Like did you do websites with your personal name first or build yourself or brand then did that?

    I read people say the brand is You! So name blogs websites etc after your name.

    But I worry that since I’m a no body in general, that naming everything after myself is bad. Where if say I created a leadership blog with a catchy name, people would remember that.

    But I have also read that people do business with people.

    So enough rambling on, I truly admire you and your work and one of your videos hit my inbox as I was thinking about me next step and wondered??? What would Phil do?

    Thank you and be blessed


    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      My company name was so natural and easy to determine…Freedom is the goal…A mentor is the best way to achieve that goal…thus Freedom Mentor.

      If you build your company around your name only, you’ll never be able to sell it in the future, if you ever wanted to. It will always be tied to you the rest of your life and you will need to remain involved.

  3. Dylan W says

    I have a great opportunity at hand and I need advice on how to go about it.
    Here’s the scoop. I noticed a vacant house in my neighborhood, did some research on it (it’s about a $350,000 home) found the owner, researched him and left him a voicemail. He recent returned my call and wants to meet up to talk business about that home and the 8-10 other properties he owns and landlords. It seems like he needs a property manager as he is nearing retirement or someone to take the load off his back.
    How should I go about making this a win win for us both?
    Your student,
    Dylan Waltman

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      If you were a licensed real estate agent and had a lot of experience in landlording, you could contract to be his property manager. Otherwise, if he was interested in selling, you could contract to buy the properties and then turn around and flip them to another buyer.

  4. Patrice Shaw says

    Is your mentoring program something that a stay at home mom of 4 small children can do? I am very interested in your program and I even applied a while ago and my husband was not on board so I did not get a second interview. I have been watching your videos and hanging on your every word.( I have listened to other people talk about real estate investing and I say to myself “that is not what Phil says”) I got your book for my kindle a couple of years ago not knowing who you were as I have been interested in real estate investing for a while but never did much to really get going because of analysis paralysis. Fast forward to now, with 4 small children…I am wondering if this is a good time, now that I am really ready to get going.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      It’s a great time to start. The best time to start investing in real estate is 20 years ago. The next best time would be today.

  5. Chris Graham says

    Hello Phil,

    My name is Chris Graham, I am a former Pro Football player and Military Veteran. I came across your video on YouTube searching at 3am for ways to get out of financial hardship. I’m up to my neck in debt, credit isn’t great, have a son to provide for and it seems like I have had the perfect life but nothing to show for it.
    After job hunting and being told I’m over qualified or not enough experience I’m truly am drained and discouraged. I have no income at the moment and If it wasn’t for family I would probably be homeless as well. After seeing your video I honestly teared up because that’s my life right now, but I’m too strong of a person to give up without a fight. I want to change my lifestyle and be able to finally breathe.
    I’m a very hard worker and just need true guidance in areas I have no experience in.
    Phil I’m sure you get tons of emails and you can’t save everyone from their troubles but I can tell why I am that person you should look more into. I want it more than anyone you’ve ever met, plus I have nothing to lose right now. I know what it takes to be successful and work through the tough times. I just need the right people in my life to get me there.
    My apologies if I got too long winded there but that’s how passionate I am right now. Thanks for taking time out to read this email.

    Chris Graham

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